Everyday Agile Practices for Every Tester

Working Software, Customer Collaboration and Responding to Change.

6 Technical Testing Skills that aren’t Automation

Version Control, Viewing Log Files, Browser Developer Console, Accessibility Testing Tools, Virtual Machines and Telemetry and Analytics.

Top Programming Skills for Testers

Front End Skills, Skills to Automate Regression, Working with Code, and Places to Learn Programming Skills Online for Free.

What's in the eBook?

Make sure you stay ahead of the Agile Testing curve by implementing the latest Agile Practices. Combined with some Technical Skills that Aren’t Automation, and by selecting one or more of the Top Coding Skills to work on – you can take both your team, and your career to the next level.

Ready to ramp-up the Agility some more? Follow our 30-day plan to start shedding waste from your development and testing processes. Share your wins and fails with the software testing community with the #30DaysOfTesting hashtag!

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Skills for Agile Testers eBook

In a modern software engineering team, keeping pace with the latest tools, skills and practices can be a significant challenge.

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